8th December 2015


Course Content:

  • Lights & Shape Recognition
  • Sound Signals Recognition
  • Chart Instruments
  • Introduction to Chartwork
  • Bearings & Soundings
  • Compass Deviation & Variation
  • Tides & Tidal Streams
  • Course Planning & Plotting
  • Ship Recognition
  • Briefing on local port operations
  • Visits to local port operations centres
  • Emergency First Aid
  • Fire awareness
  • Introduction to Operational Support
  • Radio procedures + Short Range Radio Communications
  • Message taking
  • Phase tests
  • Operational Support Services
  • Introduction “ What is Engineering?”
  • Small craft Engineering
  • Introduction to electricity
  • Introduction to Outboard Engines
  • Introduction to Engineering
  • Small Craft Handling
  • Basic Computing Skills
  • Flag Signalling
  • Morse Code
  • Ropework

So, as you can see we offer a wide range of elements within our training package. If you wish to gain experience in a specific topic or would like to take advantage of the full course please get in touch. Training takes place all year round even in the winter, we have been known to be on the water in snow and hail! Think you can hack it? Come on down to MSTS and give it a go! Are you hardy enough?Training provided by MSTS in no way Accredited. Our training is 100% experience based.